RO Training


Risk Oversight Learning Systems: Options

Trying to squeeze in your risk oversight learning? We have better training options to fit your needs.

Time is a scarce commodity. Is your training sandwiched between urgent commitments, or squeezed into nights and weekends? Is it difficult to bring all your participants together with an instructor in the same room, at the same time?

Whether you’re a member of the board, a senior executive with overflowing email, or a risk, audit or work unit specialist—we can help you better demonstrate that significant risks are being identified, assessed, and elevated to senior management and the board.

At Risk Oversight Inc, we have the training options you need, to fit the time you have.

LEARNING OPTIONS. We offer clients four different training-delivery options to meet specific needs:

Option 1: TRADITIONAL LIVE TRAINING. Live learning environment, with all participants in the training room with the workshop leader. This provides the full ‘face to face’ experience. This can be done on-site at the client premises or at an off-site location.

Option 2: TRADITIONAL LIVE TRAINING & REMOTE. Live learning environment with participants in the training room with the workshop leader. Those in remote locations (who can’t attend because of cost or availability) are able to attend via online-meeting software.

Option 3: LIVE REMOTE TRAINING. Instructor and participants are in different locations. Training is delivered via online meeting software. Participants are able to see the slides and examples presented on their computer or meeting room monitor, ask questions, and interact with the instructor. We don’t recommend training longer than two hours for this delivery option.

Option 4: TAPED REMOTE TRAINING. Participants access the RO learning library and pre-taped learning modules when their schedules allow. Individual modules are typically under one hour in duration; participants have the option to complete as many modules as necessary to meet their immediate learning needs. This option doesn’t provide participant/instructor interaction; however, each learning module has a designated contact for any questions. Note: this option is currently being developed with an anticipated launch date of June 2012.